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Camping Village
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Camping Village Roma Flash

  GPS: N 42° 7' 46'' .230 - E 12° 10' 24'' .890
Tel./Fax +39 0699805458

Situated at 40 km's from the centre of Rome on the shore of the lake of Bracciano. A water reserve area for Rome, which is considered one of the cleanest in Europe, also because it is forbidden to use out-board-motors on the lake. In the shade of more than 2.000 trees, the camping has every comfort and the most modern hygienic services at its disposition. There are many forms of recreation available, among which: mini-football (soccer), swimming-pool, table tennis, volleyball and the traditional Italian "bocce", as well as a swimming pool, for your complete relaxation. There is a well-furnished playground for the smallest children. The transparent water of the lake invites you to take a long swim, while the playful breeze that is blowing often is a joy for sealers and surfers. The proximity of many centres of artistic and archaeological interest, not the least of which is Rome itself, that are connected with the camping not only by public transportation, but also by a private bus to Piazzale Flaminio makes a stay at Roma Flash Sporting an adventure of pleasant days filled with discoveries and relaxation. There is a possibility to rent mobile homes and tents with up to 6 beds. (Reservation required).
Camping Village
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