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Camping Village
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Camping Village
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Campeggio Vulcano Solfatara

  GPS: N 40° 49' 39'' .935 - E 14° 8' 7'' .944
Tel. +39.0815267413 - +39.0815262341

The International camping is inside the Naturalistic Park of the Solfatara of Pozzuoli in the crater of an ancient volcano of the Phlegrean Fields, approx. 10 km. north of Naples; it can be easily reached both by car as well as bus and train. The camping is in a strategic position for excursions to Naples, Pompei, Capri, Ischia and the Sorrentine peninsula. The camping covers an area of approx. 30,000 square mt., it lies in a very peaceful position, located on a plain full of trees and offers numerous free services such as (pool, hot showers, hot water, electricity). From the camping you can visit the naturalistic area of Solfatara Volcano; it is also in the center of a very important archaeological area that includes ’the Cuma Acropolis the Flavio amphitheatre, the Temple of Serapides, the Imperial Thermae Baths, etc. in the town of Pozzuoli.
Camping Village
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